About Us

“Preparing People to Live and Work Safely Every Day!”

Great Lakes Safety Training Center (GLSTC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization located in Midland, Michigan. We provide a full array of safety services including training, audits, background checks and more. GLSTC helps promote and create safe communities through partnerships with businesses and local high schools.

Vision Statement

We are the leader in the Great Lakes Region in safety education and related services, enabling our customers to achieve a culture of safety excellence.


Great Lakes Safety Training Center values safety, diverse team environments, with client-focused products and services which we strive to excel at. We believe in having high integrity in staff and sustainable programs with influential services.

Who Do We Serve?

Great Lakes Safety Training Center serves contractors, whether they are Members, Non-Members, Residential, Industrial or Municipal Entities. We support private and public groups and companies that wish to improve the safety performance and culture of their workforce. We also serve the public, helping to create a safer community , by contributing to an improved safety culture in the Great Lakes Bay Region and surrounding areas.

Past To Future

The foundation for Great Lakes Safety Training Center of today was built in the mid 1950s. Known then as the Midland Area Safety Task Force, the name was later changed to the Midland Area Contractors’ Safety Council. The current name was established in 1995. Then, as now, the major focus is developing and communicating worksite safety best practices for all members.

The diversity of over 250 member companies provides many opportunities to share safety concerns and ideas. Services, maintenance, construction, manufacturing and supplier companies; both union and merit shop, are included in our membership. A safe workplace benefits everyone.

Our motto is: “EDUCATION: The Key to Accident Prevention.” We encourage our members, customers and the community to challenge us by suggesting new and different ways we can assist them with meeting their safety training needs. We are prepared to provide services needed to compliment your safety plan. With the help of our Board of Directors and our Community, we are reaching our mission: “Preparing People to Live and Work Safely Every Day.”

Meet Our Team