Great Lakes Safety Training Center is focused on safety, health, environmental regulatory compliance and workplace development related topics and services. Offered is a comprehensive array of professional services designed to help you manage your training and compliance programs.

Centralized Record Keeping
We provide centralized record keeping for all training, background/security screening, safety audits and more using our Learning Management System (LMS). Our LMS has been highly customized to form a comprehensive safety record management system that will help you stay organized and informed.

Customized Training Development
We offer efficient, cost-effective content development and customization services. By utilizing our in-house production studio, GLSTC will collaborate with you to produce customized training specific to your needs.

Safety Audits
We offer safety audits to ensure your workplace complies with OSHA Safety and Health laws and regulations. Our safety audits are customized to your needs and could include evaluations of your site, your safety program and/or your safety handbook.

Site Safety Representatives

GLSTC provides highly qualified and experienced safety professionals to our clients for short and long term project support.

Special Safety Initiatives
GLSTC manages and facilitates groups such as COST (Contractor Owner Safety Team) which provides peer and client collaboration, best practices and improved safety trends.